Chronicles from the southern border

Author: Ursula Pichler
Photos: Helmuth Rier

When we set out in search of laifain experiences, we head for hidden and lesser-known places that remain off the beaten track. We’ve always been fascinated by the atmosphere of the southernmost parts of South Tyrol. That is why today we are travelling to Salorno, a village which in the South Tyrolean imagination represents the dividing line between the Central European and Mediterranean worlds.

Walter, our guide, is waiting for us in the village. He tells us about the origins and traditions of Salorno as well as the economic and cultural changes it has experienced. He also tells us about the enormous impact that the border between Trentino and South Tyrol has had on the lives of its inhabitants. We are also particularly impressed to learn that the village has been saved from the drastic urban changes that have affected other parts of the region. Proof of this is the fact that there are practically no modern hotels here. There is, however, a contrast between Italian-inspired architecture from the Fascist period and that of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Salorno is a village which for South Tyrolean represents the dividing line between the Central European and Mediterranean worlds...

After a stroll through the village, we visit an historic manor house, where we almost get lost in its countless rooms and remain impressed by the vaults, the well-preserved terrazzo floor, and the lovingly designed historical wall paintings. The next stop is the workshop of a very special tailor, the last living representative of an ancient South Tyrolean art.

Chronicles from the southern border
Chronicles from the southern border
Ursula Pichler ist Produktmanagerin und Unternehmerin. Ihre Vision: Begegnungen abseits des Standards mit besonderen Menschen an besonderen Orten in Südtirol zu organisieren.

Brimming with stories about the Italian and Germanic culture-mix, we then go on to discover an unmissable biodynamic winery.


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