An afternoon of art

Author: Alessandra
Photos: Fotostudio Jürgen Eheim

Walking along the Talvera promenade, we leave the city behind us and, after climbing a short incline come across a building that is, to say the least, unusual in the Bolzano landscape. Like Frank Lloyd Wright’s Waterfall House, the building that appears before us seems to be set in the rock, protected by the mountains, hidden among the trees.

This is the home of the Dalle Nogare Foundation, founded a few years ago with the mission of promoting contemporary art by creating a place of dialogue and exchange, for artists and enthusiasts alike. Behind the project is Antonio, a South Tyrolean entrepreneur and long-standing collector of highly sought-after works of art. Enthusiastic, he welcomes us and accompanies us to discover the enormous rooms of his Foundation.


It is also a key cultural resource for artists, the region, and its inhabitants.

Each room has been designed to provide the artists with absolute artistic freedom and it is incredible how each one manages to express a unique character. We are particularly fascinated by the large glass window in the library, which overlooks the green of the surrounding vineyards and the magnificent garden.

An afternoon of art
An afternoon of art
Alessandra Goio works as Digital Marketing and Content Manager for laifain.

The Dalle Nogare Foundation is undoubtedly a jewel of architecture, a building where the museum and domestic space coexist, creating an enchanting setting.

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