Bolzano-Gries: about places steeped in history

We meet in Piazza Walther, under the statue of the famous poet Walther von der Vogelweide, a crucial figure whose origins and history are worth exploring. We then wander through the streets of the historic centre, discovering the most mysterious corners, such as the arcade houses and the elegant shops, which once hosted dark cellars for storing wine.

We continue our city exploration by crossing the Talvera bridge, which provides a link between the city’s past and more recent history. A controversial monument, a witness to two dictatorships, awaits us on the other side. The recent history of South Tyrol is complicated and is vividly explained in the documentation centre below the monument.


We arrive in the Gries district, once a renowned health resort. Important works of art are hidden here, which we will discover together.

We also visit the historic Gries parish church, another important testimony to the history of the city.


Later, a visit to Bolzano’s oldest wine estate will enable us to discover the story of a family that has proudly carried on its wine-making tradition for centuries. Nothing tells the story of a wine cellar better than the wines themselves, so we end our visit with an excellent wine tasting, accompanied by some Alpine-Mediterranean specialties.


Customisable upon request




10 a.m.


approx. 6 hours

Meeting point

Bolzano, Piazza Walther



Week day

upon request
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+ Local expert guide
+ 3 km walk through the city centre and Gries
+ Visit to the Victory Monument and its Documentation Centre
+ Visit to the old parish church in Gries
+ Walk to the city's oldest wine estate
+ Wine tasting at the winery


150,-€ per person2 to 4 participants
130,-€ per person5 to 8 participants
Upon requestFor bigger groups
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Bolzano-Gries: about places steeped in history
Bolzano-Gries: about places steeped in history
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