Chiusa: an artists’ town with an inn culture

Virtually every house in the old town of Chiusa was at least once a tavern. In fact, this charming little town has seen many travelers

who stopped by and ask for a bed for the night, before continuing their journey the day after towards the Brenner Pass and beyond. Among the guests were also many (even famous) artists, who would stay in town for months. Today, the old inns can be recognized by the charming signs affixed to the historic houses on the main street.

Even though most have lost their original function, it is possible to visit some. With our local guide Sepp, we get exclusive access to three of them.

It’s an exciting visit full of stories about the foreigners who stayed in these inns and spent the nights singing and dancing together. We complete our visit with an aperitif and sharing anecdotes about the historic and contemporary culture of the taverns in the company of our guide.


Customisable upon request




upon request


4 hours approx.

Meeting point

Chiusa, Piazza Mercato, at the northern gate



Week day

upon request
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+ Local expert guide
+ Guided tour of the historic centre of Chiusa
+ Guided tour of three historic inns
+ Aperitivo a historical inn


120,-€ per personfrom 4 participants
100,-€ per person5 to 8 participants
Upon requestFor bigger groups
Chiusa: an artists’ town with an inn culture
Chiusa: an artists’ town with an inn culture
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