Hello, we are laifain

We love South Tyrol and the good life – full of nature, arts and culture, dolce vita and inspiring encounters. And we have a great passion for discovery. This is what drives us and what we would like to share – with you.

"South Tyrol off the beaten path is an absolute gem, only known by a few. To show its beauty is what drives us."

We are Barbara, Ursula and Martin: three siblings and the founders of laifain. We have long been united by our passion for travel and discovery. And especially by the love for our homeland South Tyrol. We believe that great moments can happen anywhere, with interesting people at the right time and in the right place. And so, in 2020, we developed a new idea: to make South Tyrol a unique experience. Here and now, with all senses and from a completely new perspective.


With our many years of experience in tourism and our know-how in product development, we set out on an exciting journey. We did a lot of research, spoke with different experts, travelled around, discovered wonderful places and met remarkable persons. And we arrived – at laifain.

"Through unique experiences, we take a sneak peek into the hidden corners of our region. We experience special places with you and share discoveries as well as beautiful moments with our local partners."

What does “laifain” actually mean? Whenever we feel good, when we share beautiful moments with friends, it’s "simply fine". In South Tyrolean dialect, the word for this feeling is "laifain". What could suit us better?


What’s close to our hearts are special places and personalities that make them unique. We take you with us and show you the world of the locals, their culture, their everyday life and passion for their extraordinary projects. Spending quality time together is very important to us. That’s why laifain is not only our very special attitude to life and our promise - it’s also our name.

"All this is laifain: enjoying with all senses, discovering culture and experience warm encounters."

Our Team

About us
Ursula Pichler
Project Manager & Co-Founder
I have always been proud to have grown up with two languages and cultures. I am interested in the potential for a colourful community and the art and culinary creativity that springs from it. My recommendation is the experience of the Biennale Gherdëina: in the midst of the Dolomites, in exchange with artists and the enjoyment of local culinary delights.
About us
Martin Pichler
South Tyrol is a very peculiar wine region and it is the perfect place to grow a great variety of grapes. The region hosts several worldwide famous wine estates, but what I enjoy the most is visiting the small winegrowers. I like their down-to-earth attitude, and their intimate, almost philosophical, relationship with the land they patiently grow year after year. My suggestion would be the wine tour at Dolomytos, a small, mystical wine estate in the middle of the Renon Plateau.
About us
Barbara Pichler
Certified Tour Guide & Experience Designer
I inherited the joy of passing on my knowledge of South Tyrol's culture, customs and art from my father, and I've picked up on his enthusiasm: I never stop discovering and am happy about every new encounter. My tip? Bolzano with its contrasts, exciting history and enchanting view of the Catinaccio in the Dolomites.
About us
Alessandra Goio
Digital Marketing & Content Management
The best part of our job is meeting new partners during our scouting missions around the region. They all have fascinating life stories to tell and express their passion through the products they make, whether it’s cheese, wine, or handicraft. I highly recommend visiting David, a farmer who’s decided to dedicate his life to goats. He’ll let you taste his delightful goat cheese and yoghurt, and of course, play with his beloved animals.

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